We Are Eternus Global

We are one of the most experienced and cost-effective SEO agencies that specialize in European and Asian digital marketing.

Our agency can help you overcome the challenges of marketing in Europe and Asia.

We do thorough research of our target markets through free or relatively low cost methods. We understand how your customers are interacting with your brand. We compare and contrast different messages to see which works best.



We are aware of cultural marketing differences between countries. We understand marketing regulations. When we are running digital marketing campaigns in search engines and social media, we make sure that we comply with the law in every country where it is running.


We know that getting the right tone is important when marketing your business in Europe and Asia. Thus, we don't just simply translate existing material word for word. We always check with native speakers and get their comments to your marketing. Even if your marketing is grammatically right, it may not be effective in conveying the message you want to convey.


We are a group who take time to spend to people in each market and understand what they respond to. We carry out user testing so that we will have additional insight about user trends. We know that some customers spend less time on each web page and expect to find information quickly, while other users are happier to spend more time on browsing.


We are always aware that while other countries may have widespread broadband access, customers in other countries may not appreciate websites with heavy images that take longer to load. As such, we always make sure that the websites we build are light and fast-loading.

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