The single biggest danger to content marketing is poor quality content. With every two-bit digital marketer putting their hat into the ring, it's becoming more difficult to find excellent content.

At Eternus Global, we create excellent B2C and B2B content by designing, building, writing, and distributing it. We don't simply claim we can do it; we do it by creating content that will boost your SEO and connect with your audience in an unmistakable manner.

Because we understand how to build brands and market share via engagement, community, and discussion, we've joined the marketing teams of many businesses who are seeing the need of brands becoming "publishers" in their own right.

We use our creative skills to develop and execute successful brand tales for our clients.

What Is the Value of Content?

Inbound marketing is at its peak when it comes to content production. When you produce content, you are providing free and valuable information to your audience, bringing new consumers to your website, and keeping current customers via excellent interaction.

You are also producing substantial ROI for your business, as demonstrated by the content marketing figures listed below:

  • Content marketing produces three times as many leads as conventional marketing while costing 62% less.
  • Sixty-one percent of internet sales are the result of a consumer reading a blog.
  • Businesses that produce 16 or more blog articles per month get three and a half times the traffic as those who write four or fewer.

Growth of a company is directly proportional to the quality of its content. Therefore, let us begin developing your content strategy.

.Strategy and Content Planning

A home would not be built without a plan, a sculpture without a drawing, or a business without a goal statement. As a consequence, no material should be created without a plan. Otherwise, you risk straying from your intended path.

When it comes to content planning, everything from your brand and tone to how you will market and reuse the material you produce is considered. Let's go through how to create a content plan step by step.

Conduct a Content Audit

A content audit may help any marketing department, regardless of whether you've been producing content without direction for a while or have been following a plan the whole time. Simply because you did not begin with a particular approach does not mean that your present material does not match one.

A content audit is taking inventory of past work and reorganizing it to fit into your current content strategy.

Select the Proper Format

Do you remember the buyer persona you developed? You're assembling materials for them. That means you should present information in a way that your prospects will find the most convenient and enjoyable to consume.

The format you choose may be a blog post, a video, a slideshare presentation, a photograph, an ebook, a whitepaper, or a podcast, or whatever else your creative mind can think up.

Promotion of Content

What use is all of this fantastic material if no one is ever going to see it? In an ideal world, people would swarm to your website everytime you published a new piece of content. Indeed, you'll need to attract individuals to consume your material and even drive them to your online area, especially if you're just starting.

The Content Creation Methodology

Marketers are very busy. We cannot afford to waste time on inefficient systems. That is why we design procedures for everything we do. We design a system, implement it, adjust it until it works, and then repeat that system indefinitely to get the desired outcomes. Consider every marketing campaign you've ever run, including webinars, autoresponders, and surveys. Each of them has a method. Content production is no exception.

1. SEO Analysis

Creating your buyer persona will have provided you with some ideas for topics to write about and questions your audience may have, which is a great place to start. Now you must determine if those concepts can be used on a wider scale to a broader audience.

2. Conceptualization

Following your decision on which keywords to target, it's time to develop some content ideas for your website. According to HubSpot research, topic clusters are the ideal method to arrange content, which involves building a long-form, comprehensive pillar page focused on a keyword and then connecting to material on related subtopics.

3. Writing

Write to yourself. Resonate with their voice, euphemisms, and even comedy. Make a statement. Don't just recycle old material. Use a unique style or new research to highlight your points.

Focus on one idea and use your evidence to support it. Avoid tangents and attempting to cover too many subjects in one essay. Be brief and direct. 

4. Revision

Editing your own (or other people's) work is a highly subjective process.You may either modify as you go or wait a few days and come back to it with new eyes. You may be concerned with grammar, or you may prefer a more colloquial piece.

Begin Creating Content

Content development is an incremental process with a large reward for your audience. You'll be able to produce creative work that not only entertains your audience but also increases your company after you've mastered the process of creating content.

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